The CCRA (Civil Court Records Australia) database provides searchable records for persons and businesses involved in civil court matters for all Australian states. Please click on this link for more information on what specific courts are included and how far back the data goes.

Whilst other databases show defaults/judgements and other various finalised civil court matters, this will be (as far as we are aware), the only available search resource for civil court matters when they are first lodged before the courts.

Click here for information on Criminal Court Records.

Search by given and/or surname

Click here for search help Enter a given name and surname in the respective fields - neither Is CaSe sensitive.

The name can be shortened if you are uncertain of the spelling - e.g. Phil instead of Philip/Phillip. If the given name or surname is reasonably uncommon, either can be searched.

It's best to initially use only one name for the given name and surname. If a surname has multiple names, use just the last part of the name, e.g. for 'Van Der Lynde', use just 'Lynde'. For names with MAC, MC, LE, LA, O', Van, etc. prefix, it's best to eliminate these letters from your search.

Search by 'surname, firstname' to get more targeted results

Click here for search help Searches can also be conducted using the last part of the surname, then a comma, space and the start of the first given name.

For example, instead of 'macdonald, phillip' use 'donald, phil'. Instead of 'van der linde, jonathan' use 'linde, jon'.

Note: the comma and space between the names must be used.

Search by Case Title data

Search for a business/company name or the surname of another person involved in the same matter. For a company name, it's best just to use one of the less common words in the name, e.g. Westpac

Please see Search Tips (opens in a new browser tab) for further information.

Note: If there are a lot of records, use the Download CSV file option to quickly review all available information.